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Have you considered chiropractic for your kids in Lee's Summit MO? At Heater Chiropractic we firmly believe in protecting a child’s body by making sure they have the best possible functioning nervous system. It is well known that children bounce back quickly, but that is related to how they feel; physically and structurally that is not always the case. Unfortunately, children do not always verbalize exactly what they feel when they are sore, uncomfortable, or in pain, but just like with adults, if the underlying cause is left alone for too long it will grow into a bigger problem. Chiropractic care for children can be very beneficial.

Starting from the time a child is conceived, their bodies are growing and being put under stress. While the child is growing, they are usually curled up in a ball, and then they are pushed and/or pulled during birth. I just ask that you just take a second and think about how you would feel if today you underwent that kind of experience. All of this stress and trauma affects our spine which can lead to issues with the nervous system. This is a problem because the nervous system is what controls everything our body does such as blinking, breathing, heartbeat, the ability to fight illness, walk, talk, think, speak, etc.

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Pediatric Chiropractic Lee's Summit MO

You might be asking yourself, “How would chiropractic medicine help infants or children?” The answer may surprise you. Today we see more and more pediatric conditions treated with chiropractic techniques. Why? Because chiropractic medicine is very non-invasive and drug-free way of treating conditions or injuries in children. Spinal conditions in children can lead to central motor impairment and developmental issues. Further side effects of spinal conditions in children are: sleeplessness, seizures, inability to focus, impairments of digestive systems, and a weaker immune system.

What causes such conditions or injuries in children that would require chiropractic medicine? Well, anything from a traumatic birth, to the daily slips and falls, and a  unsupported head and neck. The early years of a child’s life are the foundation for further development of their body and mind. If spinal functions are not restored to normal, it can result in developmental issues down the road. By treating these issues early, you can prevent developmental side effects from ever occurring.

An extensive amount of research supports pediatric chiropractic treatment as a gentle and effective method for treating children with spinal and joint conditions. Conditions that can be treated with this chiropractic medicine include: colic, asthma, ear infections, sleeping issues, digestive issues, poor immunity, headaches, good neural plasticity, and much more.

Can you identify these conditions early? Yes, Dr. Brent Heater performs a thorough evaluation of your child’s spine and physical condition. Following the evaluation, Dr. Heater will use very gentle, precise techniques to correct any abnormalities along the spinal area. This ensures the nervous system has every opportunity to communicate clearly and develop properly.

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